Popmatters: “A Computer Steals Our Hearts in A Working Theory of Love”

A thought-provoking and enjoyable review from Jose Solís at PopMatters:

“Without much fuss Hutchins turns the computer into a metaphor for books, as well. Are these characters truly alive because we’re enjoying them so much? Is their humanity as important as ours? A Working Theory of Love makes for a delightful satire that asks profound questions without making it look like a great effort. Hutchins’ writing is so simple and straightforward that the book often reads like a good conversation. It’s not hard to figure out that by the time we get to the actual Turing contest at the end of the novel, we have been so won over by Dr. Bassett that we don’t care if scientists think it’s human or not.”

His summary of the work aspects of AWTOL is so good I think I might start using it myself!