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“Thirty Thousand Dollars” in Five Chapters

“More Noir than Chardonnay” in the “Townies” series for the New York Times

Michael Chabon profile in San Francisco Magazine

“Quiz Night” in Esquire

On the Easter Parade by Richard Yates in the Rumpus

On Tirza by Arnon Grunberg in New York Times Sunday Book Review

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Interview with Bill Ayers in the Rumpus

The Terrifying and Ill-planned Ascent of an Ecuadorian Volcano with my Teenage Brother (Budget Travel might have tweaked the title.)


What makes a man? In this terrific debut novel, A Working Theory of Love, emotionally adrift divorcé Neill Bassett Jr. is trying to build the world’s first sentient computer program. After inputting 20 years of his late father’s diaries, he holds conversations with a pixelated personality that seems just like his dad—discussing his life, his childhood, and his current romantic woes. Throughout, Hutchins hits that sweet spot where humor and melancholy comfortably coexist.”

—Entertainment Weekly

“The realistic manner in which Hutchins depicts the not-depressed, yet not-joyful way Neill goes through (a pretty interesting) life will strike a chord with many readers. But at the end of the day, it’s the slow revelation of Neill’s vibrantly beating heart (despite all his efforts to stay detached!) and his romantic, leap-of-faith-taking soul that will surprise, delight, and leave your own heart buoyant and brimming by the last page.”


“A deftly managed novel about the ways we move on and the ways we don’t, the stock we put in memory and language, and the incompetent ways that we strive to love each other. ”
—Christian Science Monitor


We Have added a few more dates to the new book tour! Here is the full list of cities and dates!

  • Palo Alto: 4.3.13 @Tattered Cover, 6—8PM
  • San Mateo: 4.16.13 @Red Apple Books, 4—6 PM
  • San Bruno: 4.16.13 @Turntable Books, 7—9 PM
  • Freemont: 4.19.13 @Barnes & Nobles (on Fairview Ave.), 4—6 PM
  • Larkspur: 5.04.13 @Lion’s Den Books, 5—7:30 PM
  • San Francisco: 5.18.13 @Aarvark Books, 4—6 PM